Sunday, November 27, 2011

a reminder to be thankful, patient and trusting

We enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. Since moving back to the northwest, we thought it would be a treat to host a holiday inviting both our families. Thanksgiving was the perfect holiday, given that we are thankful for our families (the primary reason for moving back); so Thanksgiving we hosted, enjoying 22 family members, all but one was present. We had a great day and weekend of family time to follow.

This morning we started the day with a sermon about Zachariah and Elizabeth, their prayerfulness and faithfulness in the Lord. After years without being able to have a family, God sends an angel telling them that Elizabeth will bear a son, and they will name him John. I am sure at the time they must have laughed thinking the impossible, but later Elizabeth gave birth to John, John the Baptist. Even though they had endured many days and years of believing their "family" would end with them, they were thankful and prayerful that God would use them. They trusted that there was a plan.

We too are trusting. The past few months, and more so the past couple of weeks, we have been stretched. We are thankful for all that God gives to us, and are trying to be patient, knowing that God has great plans. We moved here feeling as doors closed and others were opened, it felt like the right "timing" and yet now we question that. It is trusting in the unknown that is most difficult at this time. We pray for patience, for faithfulness in this time in our lives. We ask for healing and for direction, for peace. We pray for more doors to be opened and doors to be closed, and pray that we will understand that God is truely the one in control, that He has the masterplan for our lives.

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